Communicative Skills Evaluation


Employees are the most important asset of any organization. A well trained, confident employee is a productive employee. Thus interview processes have undergone numerous changes over the year to select the most able candidates, with a battery of tests ranging from Aptitude test to technical interviews. Despite these testing systems, most organizations still require extensive communication and soft skills training to make their candidates "job ready". This is especially true of sales and marketing teams that require continual interaction with colleagues, customers, clients, managers, design and production teams. 

At the English Cube, we help ease the employment process. Our teams create language testing systems to help gauge the language proficiency of a candidate. We work closely with the HR team and managers to ensure that the candidate being considered is well equipped with the required soft skills to communicate effectively at the workplace. If the candidate needs to work on some aspects of his or her communication, we offer our Business English & Soft skills course to help hone these skills. 

Our tests to customized according to the needs of the organization. The questionnaires are a mix of multiple choice grammar based questions, questions of comprehension, written expression and if need be, spoken expression.

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